Basic Dataset

An open-source synthetic dataset for remote fitness and remote PT applications.

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InfiniteRep makes it easier for engineers to build vision-based products in remote fitness and physical therapy (PT).

The InfiniteRep dataset includes videos of diverse avatars performing multiple repetitions of common exercises. It includes significant variation in the environment, lighting conditions, avatar demographics, and movement trajectories. From cadence to kinematic trajectory, each rep is done slightly differently -- just like real humans. 


<li>1,000 videos (with 5-10 exercise reps each)</li>
<li>10 exercises</li>
<li>7 unique indoor scenes</li>
<li>Realistic environmental occlusion</li>
<li>Diverse lighting conditions</li>
<li>Varied body shape, skin tones, and clothing</li>
<li>Rich annotations for 2D and 3D supervision</li>
<li>224x224 RGB videos (24fps)</li>


The dataset includes 10 of the most common fitness and physical therapy (PT) exercises.
<li>Alternating Bicep Curls (with dumbbells)</li>
<li>Delt Flys (with dumbbells)</li>
<li>Bird Dogs</li>
<li>Bicycle Crunches</li>
<li>Leg Raises</li>
<li>Front Raises (with dumbbells)</li>
<li>Overhead Press (with dumbbells)</li>


InfiniteRep videos are accompanied by a rich set of pixel-perfect labels and annotations, including:
<li>Frame-specific rep counts</li>
<li>Avatar characteristics (gender, clothing, waist circumference, etc.)</li>
<li>Camera pitch and height</li>
<li>Skeleton keypoints (17-point COCO skeleton plus XXXX)</li>
<li>Bounding boxes</li>
<li>Segmentation masks</li>
<li>Occlusion metadata</li>
<li>Much more!</li>
For the full description of labels and metadata, check out the <a href="" target="_blank">README</a>.


224x224 RGB videos (24fps)
2.5 GB total dataset
Each of the 10 exercises is in a separate zipped folder (400-800MB in size)


This dataset is licensed under a <a href="" target="_blank">Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License</a>.
Both academic and commercial applications are allowed.


A newer version of this dataset is available for free (InfiniteRep 2.0). It is similar to InfiniteRep except with higher-resolution videos (512x512 px) and additional annotations (like 3D keypoints and camera intrinsics/extrinsics).


<li>Github <a href="" target="_blank">README</a>: full dataset and annotation descriptions</li>
<li>Demo <a href="" target="_blank">Jupyter notebook</a>: how to filter the dataset based on metadata and visualize labels</li>

Questions? We’re happy to chat asynchronously via email or hop on a call. Just send us a note at (this goes to all of the Infinity AI founders).

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